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Rhaglen a Phaneli

Dydd Iau 3 Medi

Dydd Iau 3 Medi 2015

09.00-09.45: Cofrestru a Choffi

09:45-10:00: Croeso (LR4) Raluca Radulescu

10.00-11.00: Panel 1

Ystafell LR2: 1A Rhanbarthau cyswllt I

David Wilson (Strathclyde): The Birth of a Crown Colony: Woodes Rogers and the Pirates of New Providence
Sarah O'Malley (Nottingham): Conflicting Identities and the Production of Geography: An Exploration into the Transportation of Landscape Narratives from Greater East Anglia to New England

Ystafell LR5: 1B Tiroedd Hapsbwrg 

Virginia Mosser (Southern Virginia): The Pilgrim as Traveller: Miracle Reports as Travelogues in the Early Modern Habsburg Monarchy
Kirsty Rolfe (QMUL): The coast of Bohemia: John Taylor's journey to Prague, 1620

11.00-11.30: Paned

11.30-13.00: Panel 2

Ystafell LR2: 2A Symudiadau dan reolaeth 

Sébastien Hamel (La Rochelle): The admiral of France and England and the Safe-Conducts for Sea Travel During the Hundred Years War: a Monopolistic Situation?
Tino Oudesluijs (Lausanne): Travel and migration in fifteenth-century Coventry: moving about during the Wars of the Roses
Amrita Sen (Oklahoma City): Quandaries of Travel: East India Company and Women Travellers in the Sixteenth Century

Ystafell LR5: 2B Gwrthdrawiadau a syniadau 

David Yorath (Bristol): Perkin Warbeck and Taunton
Bonnie Millar (Nottingham): The Trials and Tribulations of Travel in The Avowyng of Arthur and The Awntyrs off Arthure at the Tarne Wathelyne
Daniela Giosuè (Viterbo): Conflicts of Ideas and Values in the Works of Thomas Coryate, the Odcombian Legge-Stretcher

13.00-14.00: Cinio

14:30-15.30: Panel 3

Ystafell LR2: 3A Rhanbarthau cyswllt II

Oman Mounmi (Rabat): Early Christian Encounters in the Land of Barbary: The History of the Long Captivity and Adventures of Thomas Pellow in South Barbary
Ovanes Akopyan (Warwick): Travelling to Russia in the Renaissance: from Opposition to Cultural and Political Contacts
Eva Johanna Holmberg (HCAS Helsinki): 'With a good heart, and a chearefull gesture': avoiding/inviting conflict in early modern English Levantine travels

Ystafell LR5: 3B Celu a risg   

John Gallagher (Cambridge): 'He that cannot dissemble, cannot live': Disguise and dissimulation in Elizabethan and Jacobean travel

Mareile Pfannebecker (Lancaster): Travel Dissimulations and the True Observer: Fynes Moryson's An Itinerary (1617)
Sarah Goldsmith (York): 'I am become more desperately military than most things existing': War, Masculinity and Sociability on the Grand Tour, 1700-80

15.00-16.00: Coffi

16:00-17.30: Panel 4

Ystafell LR2: 4A Teithio a Chrefydd 

John Burton (Trinity St David): The Journey from Desire to Devotion in Davies of Hereford's Sonnet Sequence
Helen Wilcox (Bangor): The Journey of Faith: Robert Southwell, Oliver Heywood and early modern religious travel
Csaba Maczelka (Partium Christian University/University of Pécs): The Utopia of Orthodoxy in Some Tudor Dialogues

Ystafell LR5: 4B Al-Andalus a byd Môr y Canoldir: teithio a gwrthdaro (9fed - 12fed ganrif) 

Elsa Cardoso (Lisbon): The Mediterranean Sea as a ceremonial and political stage: exchange of embassies between Cordoba and Byzantium (9th – 10th centuries)
Ana Miranda (Lisbon): The 11th century scholars in a periphery of the Muslim world: travel and conflict between Gharb al-Andalus, Maghreb and the East
Inês Lourinho (Lisbon): The birth of the Kingdom of Portugal and the conflicts between Christians and Muslims (11th – 12th centuries)

17.30-17.45: Seibiant Sydyn

17.45-18.45: Sesiwn lawn 1 (Darlithfa Eric Sunderland) Judith Jesch (Nottingham) Remembering and Forgetting Travel in Orkneyinga saga - the British Isles in the Viking diaspora

18.45-20.00: Derbyniad croesawu (Neuadd PJ), gyda chinio i ddilyn (trefniadau unigol)

Dydd Gwener 4 Medi

Dydd Gwener 4 Medi 2015

09.30-11.00: Panel 5

Ystafell LR2: 5A Llysgenhadon 

Aimone Grossato (Venezia/Padua): The perils of envoys in the ninth and tenth centuries between East and West
Amélie Balayre (Paris): Travelling in the name of His Majesty: Being ambassador during the French Wars of Religion
Paul M. Dover (Kenessaw State): Ambassadors as travellers in fifteenth-century Italy

Ystafell LR5: 5B Milwyr 

Papur i'w gadarnhau

Emily Buffey (Birmingham): 'Rather like Maskers then Souldiers': Visions of Conflict and the Soldier's Complaint
Stephen Curtis (Lancaster): 'The land by me welcomes thy virtues home to Rhodes, / Thou that with blood abroad buyest our peace.' (The Maid's Tragedy, I.i.12-14) Travel and the Soldier in Early Modern Drama.

11.00-11.30: Paned

11.30-13.00: Panel 6

Ystafell LR2: 6A Galwedigaethau  

Céline Bonnotte (Toronto): Interpreters and contact: an analysis of complex interpreter roles in Ricci's account of his travels to China
Elizabeth Merrill (Virginia): Fortification Architecture by ‘Remote Control’ in late-Quattrocento Naples
Haig Smith (Kent): Chaplains overseas and the development of corporate religious governance in the Seventeenth Century

Ystafell LR5: 6B Trawsnewidiadau Ewropeaidd 

Alexander Sarantis (Aberystwyth): Early Slavs in the Balkans, 520-626: violent raiding and peaceful migration
Giulia Cò (Trento/Innsbruck): A cultivated man who travelled to Constantinople: Anastasius Bibliothecarius and the depiction of the Byzantine world
Kor Bosch (Radboud): Not all roads lead to Rome. Visiting papal courts during the Western Schism, 1378-1418

13.00-14.00: Cinio

14.00-15.00: Sesiwn Lawn 2 (Darlithfa Eric Sunderland) Michal Biran (Hebrew University, Jerusalem): Teitl i’w gadarnhau

15.00-15.15: Seibiant sydyn

15.15-16.45: Panel 7

Ystafell LR2: 7A Golygu, cyfieithu, casgliadau 

Maria Elena Severini (Florence): Giovan Battista Ramusio's Travel through Geography and Politics
Marianne O'Doherty (Southampton): Conflicting Translations: The Book of Sir John Mandeville in the Late-Fourteenth and Early-Fifteenth Century Empire
Gabor Gelléri (Aberystwyth): Conflict of Source and Intention: Jesuit Travelogues re-published

Ystafell LR5: 7B Theatr 

Laurence Publicover (Bristol): 'Fathoms Bottomless': Middleton's Vertical Voyages
Régis Augustus Bars Closel (Campinas): Crusade's Remembrances in Post-Reformation Drama

David Nicol (Halifax): Militant Protestantism and the Travel Play: Thomas Drue's The Duchess of Suffolk (1624)

16.45-17.15: Coffi

17.15-18.45: Panel 8     

Ystafell LR2: 8A Jerwsalem 

Marianne Ritsema van Eck (Amsterdam): Conflicting notions of travel in the Early Modern period: Franciscan friars of the custody of the Holy Land in defence of Pilgrimage
Rafat Ali (Jadavpur): Jerusalem and Beyond: The Sacred Geography of The Book Of John Mandeville
Robert Clines (Western Carolina): Fleeing the Omphalos: Missionary Pilgrimage and the Failure of an Ecumenical Jerusalem in the Wake of the Jesuit-Franciscan Rivalry

Ystafell LR5: 8B Masnach 

Daniele Dibello (San Marino): Necessities, challenges and problems at the base of the North European trade of the Republic of Venice

Laura Branch (NUI Galway): Cross-confessional trade and conflict in Richard Hakluyt's The Principal Navigations

Aske Brock (Kent): 'the English name utterly dishonoured': the influence of Indian conflicts on English trade strategies

19:00-20:00: Derbyniad (Neuadd Reichel)

20:00: Cinio'r Gynhadledd (Neuadd Reichel)


Dydd Sadwrn 5 Medi

Dydd Sadwrn 5 Medi 2015

09.30-11.00: Sesiwn 9

Ystafell LR2: 9A Alltudiaeth 

Silke Muylaert (Kent): 'proponit in Flandriam profectionem': Travelling in the Elizabethan exile communities
Sophie Buckingham (East Anglia): 'In furthest coast of all the earth, farre from our countrye wyde': Travel and Exile in Thomas Churchyard's De Tristibus (1572)
Eduardo Pimenta (UFF, Brazil): The Travels of James Turner at his King's service, or a Scottish soldier of fortune in exile

Ystafell LR5: 8B Ar y môr

Artis Aboltins (independent researcher): Scandinavian colony in Grobin (Seeburg) and maritime expansion in Eastern Baltic during Vendel period

Philippa Woodcock (Warwick): 'Agitée de la tourmente et impetuosité des vents': the perils of travelling in the Venetian Stato da Mar, 1580-1620
Tamsin Badcoe (Bristol): 'Necessity makes me suffer constantly': Travel as Torment in the Writing of the Galley Slave

11.00-11.30: Paned

11.30-12.30: Panel 10

Ystafell LR2: 10A Gwirionedd a thwyll  

Keagan Brewer (Sydney): Textual Redaction as Evidence for Audience Scepticism towards the Marvels in Medieval Travelogues
Matthew Coneys (Warwick): Telling tales: travel, truth and deception in the Guerrin meschino

Ystafell LR3: 10B Teithiau Shakespearaidd 

Shua-hua Cheng (Taiwan): Colonial Encounter in Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra
Ricardo Cardoso (Sao Paulo): 'Aragon comes this night to Messina': Anglo-Spanish War (1588–1604) and military travels in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

12.30-13.30: Cinio

13.30-14.30: Sesiwn lawn 3 (Darlithfa Eric Sunderland) Daniel Carey (NUI, Galway): Teitl i’w gadarnhau

14.30-14.45: Ffarwelio

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